Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Themes Free for OpenCart

Black Justin 2
Release 29 January 2012

download 1
download 2

1 - Extract the zip files
2 - Send the folder with the template files to the server (/ catalog / view / theme /)
3 - Login to the store admin panel (System / Settings)
4 - Edit Your Store
5 - Go to the store
6 - In the third position from the drop-down list, select a new template and save it.

1. Logo must not be greater than 240px/60px. If you need to change them, go to the stylesheet directory. Open the file stylesheet.css. The definition of logos beginning at 110 lines.
2. Remember to adjust the size of the slide. If the slides go beyond the page, change their size. Go to the back-end administrator. Extensions>Modules>slideshow

source: www.opencart.com